moora no.IIIThe story

When I started to draw with ink on stones I realized that they meant something special to me. The more time I spend with them during the creative process the more “personality” they seem to show. When my creative work was done, I loved to look at them frequently and hold them in my hands. They always gave me a great feeling, just because of their presence. It felt as if my drawings mirrored their true beauty that wasn’t visible before. It also felt as if the stones liked their new face, as if they were smiling about it. This for sure is just a very personal perspective of an artist that gets in relation with what she was working on, BUT finally it made me think about the stone’s purpose and I was wondering what the right name was for them.


The name

The name moora popped up in my mind spontaneously, long before I became aware that the kind of stones I was initially using for the drawings were called “Morane”. And the purpose?Moora Life Rocks

My feeling for it was that they are “life stones”. Symbols for life, creation and ourselves. Like a rock we, life itself and creation follow a certain purpose which is strong and solid. There is a surface that can be seen by others, and there are depths and levels we not even know ourselves, but which play an important role. Some stones have some damages, like we have some wounds experienced through traumas or experiences and pains that we went through, but the true beauty of our souls, the true beauty of life or creation is always there, no matter what. Only that sometimes we are not aware of it or are not able to recognize it.

The bead cord that the big moora rocks have is like an umbilical cord a connection to life, to creation, to All there is.

The purpose

Beside being an object of beauty and art, the deeper purpose of the Moora Rocks and the Mandala Stones shall be to remind us to our own true nature, our true beauty, our talents, our connection to All there is, to something greater and to not forget that life rocks, even if we actually are in a position where we are not able to realize it. It shall support us to not give up when the worldly challenges seem too hard to cope with, but to believe in ourselves, to remind us to our connection to life, All there is, to creation, to God or whatever name you give it and to trust that the beauty of life will be return to us.

You can use the Moora for decoration and meditation. You can use the Moora Life Rocks and the Mandala Stones, depending on size as door stoppers or paperweight as well or you can collect them as an art collectible. Each stone is stamped with the artist’s logo on the backside. The big Moora Life Rocks are also numbered and certified. Every stone comes in a beautiful silver gift box.


There are four different kind of stones I am offering:

  1. Moora Life Rocks start from about 10cm length.
    The two mooras on the images above are about 17cm length
    and have a weight of around 1-3 kg.
    Moora Life Rock no. 4
  2. Moora Mandala and Art Nuggets are around 2-4 cm long and flat.
    Small and flat beach pebbles with ink design
  3. Moora Mandala and Art Pebbles are typical beach pebbles with sizes of 2-8 cm.
    Moora Pebbles
  4. Moora Mandala Cookies are circular and flat
    carved stones in different  sizes from 2-5cm
    Moora Cookies